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Full Senate to Debate Anti-Teacher Bill Tomorrow (Wednesday)


The Senate has decided to debate and vote on SB 469 tomorrow. It is the second bill on their debate calendar.


This bill by anti-teacher zealots Jeff Melcher and Julia Lynn has been crafted specifically to end teacher representation in Kansas. It is intended to ensure that no teachers in Kansas will have representation in collective bargaining.


The bill requires every teachers’ association to stand for re-election every three years even if no other organization submits a challenge to representation rights. Even if unopposed, the ballot must include “no representative” as an option. It then holds the organization to a requirement to get 50% + 1 of all eligible voters. Not 50% of votes cast but 50% of eligible voters even if some teachers chose not to vote.


If held to the same election standard, not one of the members of the committee that crafted this bill would be in the Senate today – even the two that were unopposed.


Senator Melcher asserts that it is a pity that teachers don’t get an annual vote because new teachers must wait until an election to weigh in on representation. However, he has no concern about new voters who have to wait until he stands for re-election to vote for the candidate they want.


In the hearing, Julia Lynn announced the bill would be passed before opponents were even allowed to testify. It was clear that the committee was not interested in the thoughts of the education community.


Opposing the bill in committee were KNEA, the Kansas Association of School Boards, the Kansas School Superintendents Association, United School Administrators of Kansas, and other Kansas unions and individuals.


Support came only from the usual anti-education organizations; the Kansas Policy Institute, Americans for Prosperity, and the anti-collective bargaining American Association of Educators (AAE is funded by right wing think tanks and foundations).


What would the Senate look like if they applied the same election standards in SB 469 to themselves?  Click Here or Below and share.

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Click the image to view a graphic showing what the effects of SB 469 would look like if applied to Senate Committee members.


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  1. Jane Distler

    Are you kidding! Why do our legislators, Jeff Melcher is my Leawood senator, hate teachers!

    Why do they hate education?

    • Conrad Fisher

      Do the proposers of the bill hate education? From what I read in the news teachers are doing a fine job on their own in the destruction of public education.

  2. Wendy Trail

    Please stop this nonsense. We fought a war over being taxed without representation. Representation isn’t about money, it is about safe and fair working conditions, so we can help,our littlest consumers, the children of Kansas. Please vote no on this bill. You wouldn’t want it to apply to yourselves, so why make it apply to me. If you are unwilling to be subjected yourself to this measure then don’t do it to the teachers of Kansas. The old saying! Treat others the way you want to be treated,mound most definitely apply here.

  3. Steve Hauck

    Stop Dave Trabert. Stop the Kochs. Support the people that nurture your children 40+ hours a week and help create the next generation of smart Americans. If you can read this, thank a teacher- not a lobbyist or politician looking to privatize education so they can profit

  4. Rita Tutschulte

    As a lifelong educator, I am appalled by this attempt to demoralize teachers even further. Please vote against SB 469!

  5. Teddy

    Do not pass SB 469
    Teachers need representation!

  6. Melissa Borthwick

    Opposed to this bill. What the heck are you idiots doing to our educational system in Kansas?! It used to be a point of pride to tell people I have completed almost 20 years of schooling in this wonderful state and now it’s an embarrassment. Get your shit together capital hill.

  7. David Wallace

    I would like someone to stand up in front of me and tell me what it is that the Republicans in Kansas are trying to do. Where does this all lead.

  8. Julie

    Votee NO!!!

  9. Dorothy Hoyt-Reed

    This is a stupid bill in a state that has always been a right to work state. No teacher has ever had to join a union, yet they benefit from the negotiations that have been made on their behalf. They have gotten raises that they would never otherwise have gotten. They have received other benefits like insurance and sick days whether or not they have paid dues to a union. They would not have gotten these things without the negotiations. They also would not have gotten the training sessions that are often negotiated. They would not have gotten professional leave for training opportunities. We know why you are trying to destroy public education. The radicals who have taken over the once good party of the Republicans, believe in the religion of greed. Anything that is not making a monetary profit is sacrilege. Our schools are good, and the present legislature is trying to kill it. They do not care about our children. They care about the people who want to bring in for-profit schools.

  10. Cheryl

    Really? What other profession do you continue to make absurd laws for?
    Enough already—what happened to your small government philosophy?

  11. Dolly Isaacson Bonfy

    I have always been proud of our school system in Kansas and truly proud to be a teacher! What is happening in Kansas seems to be trying to do away with quality training for our future generations and discouraging quality teaching while putting everyone against public education. Please oppose this move. Support our educators, don’t tie their hands.

  12. Evelyn crouse

    Enough is enough when is your hatred for the teaching profession going to end. It’s about time some of began to realize what you are doing to the children of Kansas!