New Poll Shows “Dead Heat” in Race for Kansas Governor

Aug 30, 2018 by

Topeka – As we move into the final two months of campaigning ahead of the November general election, new polling indicates Senator Laura Kelly and Secretary of State Kris Kobach are in a “dead heat.” Senator Kelly was recently announced as the recommended candidate for governor by the Kansas NEA PAC which commissioned the poll conducted by Public Policy Polling.  

The candidates for governor were tested twice in the poll, once where all candidates were only identified by name and party affiliations and again where respondents were read a positive platform message about Kelly, Kobach and Orman individually. The results of these two samples are indicated as follows:



“Two things should jump out at voters from this poll,” KNEA President Mark Farr said. “First, Greg Orman’s role in this election is that of a distant spoiler. Second, voter turnout by those who really care about public education in Kansas will determine who our next Governor is. In my mind, a vote for Greg Orman is a vote for Kris Kobach. If we take Kobach at his word, public schools will be starved of resources, the courts and constitution will be ignored and when public schools are shut down, our tax dollars will be gifted to private, for-profit schools.”

The poll also indicated while Kobach’s propensity to seek the media spotlight has earned him more recognition statewide than Kelly (87% to 60% respectively), a full 11% more voters who know Kobach view him unfavorably than favorably.  Thirteen-percent (13%) more voters who know Orman view him unfavorably than favorably. By contrast, Laura Kelly enjoys a positive favorability rating. Of voters who know her, 14% more view her favorably than unfavorably.

“Laura Kelly and her running mate Lynn Rogers have proven themselves as advocates for students and for strong public schools time and again,” Farr said. “They have promised to work to restore respect for the educators who dedicate themselves to protect and to teach our students. When the election is over, we will either collapse backwards into a doubling-down on the policies Sam Brownback wrought on this state or we will continue to move forward with a champion of public education in Laura Kelly. This poll is a really a call to stand up, support our kids and our public schools and above all else, to vote.”    

Public Policy Polling conducted this poll with results based upon responses from 877 likely Kansas general election voters. The telephone survey was completed between Friday, Aug. 24 and Sunday, Aug. 26.


Contact: Marcus Baltzell, KNEA Director of Communications 785.232.8271

CLICK HERE for poll results.

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Coalition Calls for Reversal of Income Tax Cuts

Apr 1, 2015 by

Coalition calls for restoration of income tax cuts

The RevUp Kansas Coalition held a press event today to call upon the Legislature to restore the state’s devastated revenue stream and repeal the reckless income tax cuts championed by Governor Brownback and passed by the Legislature in 2012.

RevUp Kansas consists of more than 30 organizations that serve Kansans and Kansas Communities. KNEA is a member of the coalition.

The event today was attended by about 100 Kansas citizens and covered by the press corps.

Annie McKay, Executive Director of the Kansas Center for Economic Growth, opened the event. She was followed by Duane Goossen, a Senior Fellow at the KCEG. Goossen, who served as Budget Director for Republican Governor Bill Graves and Democratic Governors Kathleen Sebelius and Mark Parkinson, gave an overview of the harmful effects of Governor Brownback’s so-called “real live experiment.”

Following Goossen were:

  • Shannon Cotsoradis, Kansas Action for Children President/CEO
  • Sister Therese Bangert, the EITC Coalition
  • Lynn Stephan, Women for Kansas Leadership Team
  • Sheryl Spalding, MainStream Coalition Board President
  • Mark Farr, Kansas NEA President
  • Vicki Buening, Kansas Citizens for the Arts
  • Bernie Koch, Kansas Economic Progress Council Executive Director
  • Gary Brunk, RevUp KS member

You can join the RevUp message by visiting You can also like RevUpKansas on Facebook.

What’s happening?

That’s a question many people have as we head for the end of the regular session.

Drop dead day is scheduled for Friday, April 3 but both chambers have indicated they hope to be done tomorrow so legislators can go home for Good Friday.

The House has not debated any bills on general orders this week and the Senate has handled only a few. Tomorrow might be like breaking a log jam. Or not.

There are lots of rumors under the dome about what is inspiring this quiet week but leadership is certainly not sharing their thinking publicly (or at least with us). It seems certain now that budget and revenue decisions will be put off until the wrap-up session beginning April 29.

If the Legislature breaks Thursday, they will be home through April 28.



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