HB 2034 – PNA “Minority Report” Bill

Feb 12, 2015 by

HB 2034 would amend the Professional Negotiations Act so that the only mandatorily negotiable topics would be “salaries and wages” and “hours and amounts of work.” A board of education would have to agree to negotiate any other topic. There are no association rights that would be mandatorily negotiable under this bill.

This change would apply only to K-12 and the Kansas State Schools for the Deaf and Blind. Community colleges and technical colleges would continue to be required to negotiate any topic they currently are required to negotiate.


The following points, bullet items, descriptions and / or summaries are intended as a quick “thumbnail sketch” of a particular bill. Please view the full bill language on the Kansas Legislature website for more information and complete language and changes for each bill.

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Rose Standards & PNA

Feb 3, 2015 by

Rose standards discussion in House Ed Committee

The House Education Committee held an informative meeting with incoming Commissioner of Education Randy Watson and Brad Neuenswander on the Rose Standards (often called the Rose Capacities). Much of the discussion centered on assessments in general and what might be ways in which one can determine that the schools are successful in instilling the Rose Standards in students. This discussion was held preliminary to a hearing tomorrow on a bill from the Efficiency Commission that would create a commission to determine how to measure the Rose Standards.

PNA bill introduced in Senate Ed Committee

A bill modifying the professional negotiations act in accordance to changes agreed upon by KNEA, KASB, USA/KS, and KSSA has been introduced in the Senate Education Committee at the request of the four organizations. Senators seemed genuinely pleased that the organizations had crafted a set of recommended changes that would make collective bargaining more efficient, more effective, and more focused.

Meanwhile in the House Education Committee, there is a hearing scheduled on HB 2034 on Wednesday. This is the bill from the Efficiency Commission’s minority report. The Commission as a whole opted to make no recommendations on collective bargaining pending the outcome of the talks among the four organizations. A minority of Commission members (Dave Trabert, Mike O’Neal, Sam Williams, and Dennis DePew) decided to press the issue in their report because they lacked confidence in the organizations. During the upcoming hearing, KNEA, KASB, USA/KS, and KSSA will testify in opposition to HB 2034 and ask the committee to instead consider introducing the same bill that is now in the Senate committee. Pensions on working after retirement

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