The Kansas Senate continues to work bills at this hour including a few that we’re monitoring closely.  The Kansas House has adjourned until next week.  KNEA will continue to monitor everything Under the Dome until both chambers are adjourned.  In the meantime, please watch our 10-minute update for everything that has transpired in the last 24 hours.  We will have a more extensive report as we move towards the weekend.  Watch our Under the Dome blog for more.

So what exactly is a conference committee?

by: Lauren Tice Miller, Director of Government Relations & Elections

Conference Committees are comprised of three legislators from the House and three legislators in the Senate. These legislators typically consist of the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Ranking Minority member of the bill’s corresponding committee. The conference committee only meets when changes have been made to a bill and those changes must then be negotiated based on the positions of each chamber. It is not uncommon for additional bills to be bundled in conference committee and sent to each chamber for approval. For example, a good bill may be bundled with several bad bills in hopes of catching enough votes to get it all across the finish line.


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