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Kansans are unhappy with Brownback AND his legislative allies

Under the leadership of Governor Sam Brownback and the willing participation of conservative Republicans in the legislature, the state budget continues its long collapse.

Just the other day, it was revealed that tax receipts for August were off yet again; this time by $10.5 million. Nearly every month since the Brownback tax policy passed by his conservative legislative allies in 2012 took effect, collections have missed the mark. Even after Brownback and his allies passed the largest tax increase in state history, dramatically increasing sales taxes and slashing your income tax deductions, revenue continues to decline.

Last month state agencies were directed to prepare budgets showing what a 5% cut would look like. And with the August revenue collections being off once again, it’s looking more and more likely that those cuts could be a reality for agencies already reeling from the loss of funding.

And while you might think that $10.5 million is not really a lot of money in a state budget, remember that the revenue collection estimates have been repeatedly ratcheted down as collections come in below expectations.

All of this is having an impact on the Brownback allies. After being ignored by their representatives in the House and Senate, Kansas voters have decided to take matters into their own hands and in the August primary election, many of Brownback’s allies were ousted in favor of more moderate, responsible Republicans. And let’s not forget that there is another chance for voters to be heard in the November election.

Those Brownback allies still in office but facing a challenge in the November election are Senators Dennis Pyle, Steve Fitzgerald, Jim Denning, Julie Lynn, Mary Pilcher Cook, Ty Masterson, Rob Olson, Mike Petersen, and Susan Wagle and Representatives Kevin Jones, Jene Vickrey, Keith Esau, Amanda Grosserode, James Todd, Willie Dove, John Bradford, Tony Barton, Marvin Kleeb, Scott Schwab, Ron Highland, Ken Corbet, Lane Hemsley, JR Claeys, Marc Rhoades, Will Carpenter, Pete DeGraaf, Joe Scapa, John Whitmer, and Kyle Hoffman.

Voters have choices in all of those races this November and it’s beginning to look like living a life of fealty to Sam Brownback instead of to your constituents might not be good for your electoral health.

A new poll commissioned by Republican Senate Leadership is bad news for those on the above list. When asked if they would vote for a Senator who supports the Brownback agenda, 57% of voters say they would cast their ballot for the Democrat. Only 21% of voters have a favorable view of Brownback and only 19% look favorably upon the legislature – the legislature that has blindly followed Brownback down the path to fiscal collapse. A full 75% of voters called the Brownback tax plan unfair.

Voters were asked which issues were of greatest importance to them. Leading the pack was K-12 education, the number one issue for 35% of voters. Tied for second place at 15% were state government spending and job creation.

You can read all about the poll in a Topeka Capital-Journal article. Click here.