There was not much specifically dealing with education in either chamber today but one pays attention anyway because, well…you never know!

So it was on the House floor today on HB 2644, a bill dealing with budgeting at postsecondary educational institutions in Kansas.

Rep. Elizabeth Bishop (D-Wichita) offered an amendment to insert language ending campus carry on Kansas college and university campuses. Leaping to his feet was Rep. John Whitmer (R-Wichita), a gun enthusiast to challenge the germaneness of the amendment.

The rules committee deemed that there was only one point of contact between the underlying bill and the amendment and so it was ruled not germane.

Too bad college campuses will remain subject to concealed carry even over the objection of faculty, student groups, and parents.

Tomorrow, the House Insurance Committee will hold a hearing on HB 2789, the bill forcing school districts to arm teachers.  Bill architects pretend it is “permissive” but one section ensures the if a district chooses not to arm teachers and some incident should occur, the district will be assumed to have been negligent in protecting students.

The hearing will be at 8:00 am and you should be able to listen in online at this link: From there click on the Insurance Committee.

It’s not too late to add your name to Rep. Brett Parker’s (D) petition to “oppose militarizing teachers.”  Rep. Parker is a teacher and KNEA member from Johnson County who is a member of the House Insurance Committee.  CLICK HERE to add your name to Rep. Parker’s petition.