Senator Moran’s voicemail has been full for days.  Now, emails are bouncing back to senders. Kansas public education advocates want to encourage Senator Moran to VOTE NO on Betsy Devos.  Will Senator Moran show the courage to listen to Kansans or bow to partisan pressures?

3 Ways to Reach Senator Moran NOW!

1- Try to call Senator Moran Again

Call this number and an attempt will be made to contact your Senator’s office:  1-855-882-6229

You can also EMAIL HIM HERE.

2- Endorse This Letter

Download this letter from KNEA President Mark Farr, sign it and encourage others to sign it, then FAX IT or EMAIL IT  to Senator Moran (please don’t fax it from your employer’s fax machine, libraries and local office supply businesses may offer fax service): (202) 228-6966

3- Visit Senator Moran's Office

CLICK IMAGE for Senator Moran’s Offices

Senator Moran is scheduled to be in Kansas this weekend.  Call him, email him, and visit his office.  Organize with other public education supporters and deliver a signed letter (like the one above) to his office.  Take pictures and post them to Senator Moran’s Twitter and Facebook accounts along with your own.  Twitter: @JerryMoran, Facebook:


Senator Moran’s Office Locations:  CLICK HERE

Encourage Senator Moran to VOTE NO on Betsy Devos. Here's why...
  • As other Republican Senators have noted, Betsy DeVos would be bad for rural school districts diverting already scarce funding and increasing inequity.
  • DeVos’s history of promoting for-profit charters has been a failure in Michigan and would impact rural districts deeply.
  • DeVos is uniquely UNQUALIFIED having never attended or served in public schools as an educator.
  • Kansas needs to restore funding equity and adequacy and keep its tradition of strong public schools as the backbone of the Kansas future.
  • DeVos doesn’t fully understand basic services provided by public schools like special education.