The House K-12 Education Budget Committee – the current home of HB 2410, the school finance formula that started being crafted last week – was cancelled again today. Chairman Larry Campbell (R-Olathe) announced on the floor of the House his intention to work tomorrow.

Shortly after the announcement, the following statement was released by Chairman Campbell’s office:



Kansas House Leadership created the K-12 Education Budget Committee to create a new school funding formula that is constitutionally sound.

Chairman Larry Campbell stated, “After months of careful study and work on the issue of school finance, we are dedicated to writing legislation that will end the years of court battles and educational uncertainty.   When it comes to the importance of educating the children of this state, we must take the time to understand and involve all the players in finding the very best solution.”

This morning the K-12 Budget Committee was cancelled for the second day this week. House and Senate Leadership are working to reach an agreement on hiring legal counsel for this issue. Tomorrow, the committee will continue its work in developing a sensible, student-focused formula that provides all students with the best possible opportunity for excellence.

This would imply that he is waiting to finish work until legal counsel representing the legislature is there to advise the committee on any issues of constitutionality in their product.

Check back again tomorrow to see if any progress has been made.