House Ed Committee Chairman, Clay Aurand

Once again teachers were told that they would be denied due process protections in Kansas when Education Committee Chairman Clay Aurand announced that he had no intention of working HB 2179 after a hearing.

This was the first opportunity for this legislature to demonstrate that they respect, honor, and value Kansas teachers but thanks to Rep. Aurand, the members of the House Education Committee were denied that opportunity. After a hearing where KNEA, AFT, the Kansas Organization of State Employees, and Kansas Families for Education stood as proponents of the bill while only KASB and Dave Trabert’s Kansas Policy Institute opposed it.

KASB was quick to point out that they did not support repeal of the due process law in 2014 but they outright opposed this bill to reinstate it. KPI supported KASB. Opponents like Rep. Willie Dove and Clay Aurand said they never heard from teachers who cared about due process. Aurand asserted that teachers would prefer more money over job security. Of course, here in Kansas, teachers get neither one.

The questions from members of the committee showed that there were enough committee votes to pass the bill. It was then that Aurand announced he had no intention of working the bill. Rep. Jim Ward, sitting in for Rep. Valdenia Winn, made a motion, seconded by Rep. Jarrod Ousley to overrule the chairman’s decision and bring the bill up for action. Knowing the votes were there, Aurand immediately adjourned the committee denying the members the chance to vote.

Once again the minority wins. They didn’t have the votes to repeal due process in 2014 until they locked the members in the chamber, using strong arm tactics to coerce a 63rd vote. Today, when the votes were there to pass the bill out of committee, the Chairman threatened to wield absolute power and adjourn the hearing.  He then made good on his threat.

Yes, a sham bill hearing. And legislation that would benefit Kansas teachers is quashed.

The whole situation is a shameful display of disregard for Kansas teachers. KASB says they opposed repeal of due process but they also oppose reinstating it. How can they have it both ways? If they believe teachers should have due process protections, then they should demonstrate it through their actions and not once again by simply standing in opposition.

This is not over. We intend to keep up this fight this year. Many new and returning legislators ran on their commitment to public school teachers and specifically to reverse what happened in 2014. We know they are not ready to give up and we stand together with our allies – The Working Kansas Alliance, Kansas Families for Education, AFT, KOSE, and other organizations to see that teachers in Kansas get the recognition the richly deserve.

You can do your part. Tell Clay Aurand that teachers deserve due process protections. You can leave him a phone message at 785-296-7637  or email him at

WE KNOW YOU’RE ANGRY BUT PLEASE TEMPER YOUR ANGER IN ANY COMMUNICATIONS.  Remember, school board elections are just around the corner.  Electing board members who support public education fully, including its teachers, is vital.