Block Grant Bill advances to final action!

Final vote at 8:00 tomorrow morning!



Today the block grant bill was advanced in the House with 64 votes.  We believe it is still possible to stop this terrible legislation. A few legislators who have been strong supporters of public schools in the past, voted yes on the bill today. We urge you to contact these legislators and ask them to vote NO on SB 7 on final action. These legislators are:

Here are key points to make in your contact with these reps.

  • Please think carefully about the block grant school finance bill. Remember that the current formula is not broken, it is simply underfunded.
  • The current formula was put together very deliberately and designed rationally to meet identified needs in education – needs like bilingual or at-risk students, transportation, and school district size.
  • I am worried about a plan to throw out the formula for a temporary fix while waiting for a new formula to be written. If a new formula is needed, please do not repeal the current one before writing the new one.
  • Those who work in education understand how the formula works. Please let us go on with our day to day work while you make decisions going forward.
  • It was clear today, that this bill DOES NOT appropriate ANY money for schools.  A vote for this bill guarantees NOTHING.

Time is very tight as the House convenes at 8:00 am tomorrow.

In addition to the above legislators, please contact your own Representatives. Click the button below to access the KNEA legislative portal.

Click here to send a message to your legislator!