The “Tenure” Myth

Former Governor John Carlin teaching at K-State University

Former Governor John Carlin teaching at K-State University. Click the photo to read original article on

One of the hallmarks of Governor Brownback’s leadership is that he has encouraged his servants in the state legislature to trash public school teachers as often as possible. They stripped teachers and other public employees of the right to contribute to their political action committee via payroll deduction while leaving that option available to employees of Koch Industries. They have raided the public employee pension plan. They tried to end collective bargaining for teachers. They tried to deny union representation to teachers. And, most notably, in the dark of night with no public hearings or discussion, they stripped teachers of their due process rights.

Recently former Kansas Governor John Carlin wrote about teacher due process on his blog, John W. Carlin and Civic Leadership. Carlin explains the issue quite well and dispels the myth the Kansas teachers ever had “tenure.” You can read his post here. We hope you will spread it far and wide!

The Truth About the Kansas Chamber

In an op-ed in the Hays Post, Wichita State University political science professor Ed Flentje exposes the Kansas Chamber of Commerce for what they really are – a shill for the Koch brothers.

Flentje notes that most of the money they spend on political activities (and it was a whopping $2.2 million from 2012 to 2016) has come from four entities – Koch Industries, Murfin Drilling, Crossland Construction, and Justin Hill of Lawrence Paper Company.

Of course the Chamber has become such a toxic brand they have resorted now to shipping off their political money into a couple of sweet-sounding, Chamber managed PACs in the hopes that no one will follow the trail of cash. If you get mail from the “Quality Schools for All Kansas Kids PAC” or the “Mainstreet Kansas PAC,” just know that you’re really getting mail from Koch Industries via the Kansas Chamber.

Read Flentje’s op-ed on the Hays Post website. Again, we hope you will spread it far and wide!

Noteworthy:  Former Governor John Carlin and Kansas Chamber of Commerce CEO Mike O’Neal will be featured in an upcoming broadcast of KCUR’s Statehouse Blend.  Click Here for more information.