TELL YOUR REPS: VOTE NO on Senate Sub for HB 2567 and only Pass a clean k-12 funding bill!

We urge ALL KNEA members and citizens who support public education in Kansas to contact their reps and tell them to pass a CLEAN K-12 funding bill free from policy strings attached. 

After 3 days of negotiating, the conference committee (comprised of members of the Kansas House and Senate) intends to send a K-12 funding bill to the House for a vote this afternoon and evening.  HB 2567 is bloated with policy that would dictate curriculum, erase district boundaries and neighborhood schools, and expand costly programs to fulfill a partisan agenda.

PLEASE DON’T DELAY, contact your Kansas House Representative right now and tell them to vote NO on S Sub for HB 2567 and to hold out for a CLEAN (no policy attached) K-12 funding bill.

Tell them that only a clean funding bill supports local control while a policy-laden bill undercuts the authority of the local board of education, the state board of education and the Kansas Department of Education.


Click the button below to input your address and find your Representative’s phone and email information. Then CALL and EMAIL your rep.  Tell them to support LOCAL CONTROL and vote ONLY for a CLEAN, POLICY-FREE K-12 funding bill.  VOTE NO on S Sub for HB 2567.

Votes On Other Bills expected VERY SOON!

While passing a clean K-12 funding bill is a high priority, other bills that hurt students and make teaching and learning much more difficult (like the transgendered athlete ban and so-called “parents’ bill of rights”) are likely to see votes as early as tonight. Please consider using this opportunity to share your perspectives on these bills with your representatives.