Our Kansas Senators have put aside the concerns of Kansans, ignored pleas by constituents, and voted to move the Brownback-Style Senate tax bill forward. In doing so they’re advancing a bill that would:
-End deductions for out-of-pocket expenses paid by teachers to support their students.
-End deductions for some student loans making higher education even more difficult to attain.
-Likely make significant cuts to retirement benefits.
-Steadily raise taxes on middle-income Americans over time while ensuring lasting cuts for the wealthy and corporations.
The independent, non-partisan Tax Policy Center reached this conclusion:
“…not only would the tax cuts continue to be regressive, but the vast majority of American households would actually be worse off, with the tax cuts plus the financing, than they would be if the tax cuts had not occurred.”
 “Kansas kids have been shortchanged for years.  We can do better.  Instead, our representatives in the United States Senate would repeat the Brownback disaster and bring it to every American household.  They should know better.  If they won’t listen, it’s time for a change.” -KNEA President, Mark Farr
Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnwasik/2017/11/29/how-the-gop-tax-plan-scrooges-middle-class-retired-and-poor/#6e2203536c1e


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