This morning the tax conference committee met and produced two similar tax bills, deciding to keep things going in both chambers simultaneously in the hope that some plan can tax somewhere.

HB 2109, which had been debated for a while last night in the Senate, was tweaked and sent back to the floor. 

Debate was somewhat heated this afternoon with Senator Holland suggesting that they could get their work done if the special interests would just leave the building. He particularly called out the Kansas Chamber.

In the end, the bill, like others before it went down in flames, failing on a vote of 5 to 34. The bill was then sent back to conference.

Immediately afterwards, the Senate voted 39 to 0 to concur in House amendments to SB 11. This bill declares all state employees to be “essential” meaning that, if the Governor signs it, the furloughs are off. Unfortunately, they can work but are not necessarily going to get paid. They will, however, be able to file a claim against the state for wages.

Sometime this evening the House will take up SB 270, a tax bill very similar to the one just killed by the Senate. SB 270 also includes the tuition tax credit expansion. 

The Senate returns at 5:00.