As of this publication, the Kansas Legislature continues to grapple with the K-12 Budget (SB 113) and the newest version of the Mega-Voucher bill (HB 2089). Several reports of back-room deals are circulating under the dome.  We will have a full analysis and recap next week.  In the meantime, here is the veto scorecard as it stands at 6:00 p.m., Friday. 


Legalized discrimination: SB 180 creates a legal definition of man and woman based on reproductive capabilities. It discriminates against those who are transgender, intersex, or even those who are infertile from accessing single-sex spaces such as domestic violence shelters, restrooms, and more. VETO OVERRIDDEN IN THE SENATE; VETO OVERRIDDEN IN THE HOUSE – BILL BECOMES LAW (At the last minute, Rep. Jesse Borjon flipped his vote, giving the 84th vote needed to override the veto.)

Food assistance barriers: HB 2094 creates barriers for older able-bodied Kansans to receive food assistance. VETO OVERRIDDEN IN THE SENATE; VETO OVERRIDDEN IN THE HOUSE – BILL BECOMES LAW

Overnight accommodations: S Sub for HB 2138 requires school districts to adopt policies pertaining to overnight trips for students and to segregate them on the basis of their gender assigned at birth. VETO OVERRIDDEN IN THE SENATE; VETO OVERRIDDEN IN THE HOUSE – BILL BECOMES LAW


Gender-affirming care ban: SB 26 restricts parents’ rights to direct their child’s healthcare by creating a ban on gender-affirming care and creating a civil penalty for medical professionals who provide such care. VETO SUSTAINED – BILL IS DEAD

Flat tax: SB 169 establishes a flat tax system and contains approximately 20 tax policies. (KNEA opposed numerous policies contained within this bundle.) VETO SUSTAINED – BILL IS DEAD

Advance ballot grace period: SB 209 eliminates the 3-day grace period for returning advance ballots. VETO SUSTAINED – BILL IS DEAD

Classroom censorship: HB 2236 allows parents to object to curriculum without adversely affecting their student’s academic record. It also requires teachers to provide individualized assignments for these students to fulfill the requirements of the course. VETO SUSTAINED – BILL IS DEAD

NRA curriculum mandate: HB 2304 directs schools that choose to provide gun safety training to utilize the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program. VETO SUSTAINED – BILL IS DEAD

Higher Ed DEI Budget Proviso: Line item 115(h) in HB 2184 prohibits higher education institutions from asking for applicant positions on DEI initiatives. VETO SUSTAINED – LINE ITEM IS DEAD