Earlier today HB 2326, the bill amended to be the KASB, KNEA, KSSA, USA/KS agreement, was passed on final action on a vote of 109 – 14. This means the House has approved the education community’s collective bargaining consensus bill.

This evening the Senate debated SB 136, a bill that had been amended to include essentially the Dave Trabert “minority report” bill. On the floor, Senator Arpke (R-Salina) offered an amendment that was crafted by a number of Senators including Caryn Tyson, Molly Baumgardner, and Vicki Schmidt. The Arpke amendment makes the bill very similar to the House bill. With expressions of support from other Senators including Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, the Arpke amendment was adopted without dissent. The bill was then advanced on a voice vote.

We are waiting in the Capitol tonight for a final action vote.