Senate approves bills on state employee due process, KPERS working after retirement

Both bills we reported on yesterday were adopted on final action votes in the evening.

HB 2391 that essentially phases out due process protections for state employees was adopted on a final action vote of 24 – 16. All amendments were also rejected. KNEA opposed the bill. Those voting NO were: Democrats Faust-Goudeau, Francisco, Haley, Hawk, Hensley, Holland, Kelly, and Pettey and Republicans Fitzgerald, Holmes, McGinn, Peterson, Schmidt, Tyson, Wilborn, and Wolf.

HB 2095, the bill on working after retirement in a KPERS position was adopted on a vote of 40 – 0.

Both bills will now go to the House where Representatives will have the opportunity to vote to concur or non-concur in the bills but not permitted to amend them.

Committees talk about KPERS privatization

Presentations were made by Prudential and Dimensions, two investment providers, discussed the cost of turning KPERS over to private investment groups.

The presentation indicated that making such a move would be very expensive. There was no discussion on the impact on current retirees or how a transition could be made.

This is an issue we will continue to monitor.