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Vote NO on House Sub for Senate Bill 233!

 Yesterday we shared a letter from KNEA President, Sherri Schwanz outlining the harmful impacts for all Kansas that could result from this attempt to ban gender-affirming care for some Kansas kids.  Here are some key points to use when communicating with your legislator.

  • These complicated and often life-saving healthcare decisions should be left to the child, their families, and their doctors. There is a wealth of research indicating that gender and sex are different and can present complexities that millions of families confront.
  • The bill lacks a definition of “state employee.” This is a problem because it leaves it open to interpretation to encompass public schools and all public school employees.
  • We’re very concerned with the attack on First Amendment rights by restricting speech, the right to protest, and the right to access books. The bill specifically states that state funding cannot be used to “promote or advocate the use of social transitioning.” Arguably, this would include any books at public libraries where any character discusses their experiences with transitioning.
  • We object to this bill because of its overly broad definition of social transitioning. With the inclusion of “manner of dress,” who is responsible for determining what is considered gender appropriate manner of dress and whether it is inconsistent with the child’s birth sex?