TAKE ACTION NOW: CALL YOUR STATE SENATOR URGE THEM TO REJECT SB 509: (leave a voicemail), then follow up with an email from your personal email address!

Urge your senator to reject the latest voucher scheme, which diverts public funds away from public schools. Learn more about how “tax credit” programs are just harmful voucher schemes repackaged.


SB 509 is a $75 million voucher scheme bill. Parents of students attending accredited private schools are eligible for a refundable tax credit that is approximately $3,816 per student (75% of BASE) while students attending unaccredited private schools are eligible for approx. $2,544 (50% of BASE). 

The $75 million cap added in committee is only temporary. The original fiscal note estimated it to cost $250 million. This is all new money, as none of these students are included in the current student count. Make no mistake: This is a taxpayer-funded subsidy of nonpublic, unaccountable, and often for-profit schools instead of using that $75 million to fully fund SPED.

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