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THE ISSUE: The Frankenstein’s Monster VOUCHER SCHEME is up for a vote tomorrow on the floor of the Kansas House. This bill would bundle special education funding and an accounting gimmick voucher supporters are branding a “teacher pay increase,” to make the voucher scheme palatable enough to pass.


Some Representatives believe that this is the spoonful of sugar that will hide the bitter flavor of VOUCHERS designed to gift public dollars to unnacountable private and for-profit institutions. Encourage your representative to OPPOSE voucher schemes and SUPPORT collective bargaining by rejecting red-herring’s and accounting gimmicks labled as a “teacher pay increase.” Destroying public schools on a false promise pay increase hurts studen

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If you want to destroy public education and pass a very harmful, unpopular, and MASSIVE voucher scheme that gifts public funds to unaccountable private and for-profit schools how do you convince other elected representatives to vote for it? Simple, you throw in a red-herring policy- a promise to slightly raise teacher pay- and dare others to vote against it.

That’s what is happening tomorrow when the Kansas House of Representatives will vote on House Substitute for Senate Bill 83. This is the FRANKENSTEIN voucher scheme originally conjured up in the House K-12 Budget Committee, where it finally landed to enable it to be fast-tracked to the Governor’s desk.

A late addition to the bill includes a provision to give teachers a nominal raise. In fact, what this would do, is circumvent collective bargaining and pave the way for districts to say, “sorry teachers, we won’t negotiate pay with you because this is your raise.” In effect, the Kansas Legislature’s House K-12 Budget Committee chaired by Representative Kristey Williams becomes the lead bargainer for teachers. Except, she has zero interest in anything other than moving public dollars to private institutions so that they can choose who they will accept and who they will leave behind.