Education Groups United in Opposition to SB 387

KASB, USA-Kansas, the Kansas State Board of Education, KASEA and KNEA oppose SB 387 as agreed to in conference. This bill does not include a long-range plan to fully fund special education. Instead, it offers a one-time $77 million increase, along with a series of accounting gimmicks to falsely promise that Special Education will be fully funded in the future.

The bill attempts to use a one-time payment to relieve lawmakers of their future responsibilities to fully fund special education. By contrast, Gov. Laura Kelly’s budget recommendation would add $750 million over the next four years — nearly 10 times the funding proposed in SB 387.

The state can afford to fully fund special education. And the choice is clear: Reject SB 387 and support a clean bill with true state-funded special education increases and full Gannon funding.

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