Email members of the K-12 House Education Budget Committee to let them know you oppose House Bill 2662. This is a dangerous bill that has nothing to do with curriculum transparency and it harms students and teachers.

KNEA believes that transparency over curriculum and communication with all stakeholders is a vital element in the school/home/community relationship. We know that these mechanisms exist and are used by educators every day in Kansas schools. HB 2662, however, illustrates clearly that the title of a bill often masks the true intent and additional consequences of harmful legislation.

Proponents of HB 2662 would have you believe the curriculum in Kansas schools needs to be “transparent” and that a “parents bill of rights” will provide children with a better education. Let the members of the K-12 budget committee you oppose this bill because this legislation will do the following:

  • Harm students and marginalize certain groups;
  • Create a“chilling effect” over teaching and learning;
  • Threaten student privacy;
  • Open every lesson to partisan operatives paid by dark-money interests to cherry pick and falsely frame lessons as objectionable in order to advance disinformation campaigns;
  • Promote a cycle of never-ending litigation;
  • Destroy the ability to provide rewarding and rich individualized instruction;
  • Steal learning time from students;
  • Duplicate mechanisms already in place to ensure true transparency;
  • Reduce the ability of Kansas to attract new businesses and families to our state and to keep our kids working in Kansas;
  • Eliminate the ability of the local boards of education to execute their duties as locally elected officials; and
  • Directly attack the art of teaching, all in an effort to erode public confidence and advance a partisan agenda.

The K-12 House Education Budget Committee members and their personal/office emails are the following:


Vice Chair

Ranking Minority Member